What do our youngest students say about COVID?

One of my favorite times of day this school year at Colorado Academy is lunch. I love the scene of students sitting on their beach towels outside enjoying their lunch and spending time with their friends. Recently, I joined a group of Lower School students for lunch. As we chatted about various things from what we plan to do for the weekend to selecting a costume for Halloween, our conversation turned to COVID-19.

At first, I felt sad and disappointed, considering that young children have to think about COVID-19 and its implications in their daily lives. As I listened, the students began sharing their perspectives, and my sadness quickly turned to revelation, as I listened to their wise and thoughtful words. Some of their comments included:

Caring is not sharing with others.

I know what 6 feet looks like now.

My hands have never been cleaner.

I have learned to smile with my eyes.

My mask keeps my face warm on a cold day.

I have to make choices that protect myself and others.

Some people might like an air hug better than a real hug.

I’ll do whatever it takes to come to school—this is my happy place.

This won’t last forever.

Each day in the Lower School, I am reminded that children are truly able to see the best in all kinds of situations. I sometimes get mired in all the challenges and changes that are required to operate a school during a pandemic, and then I spend time with young children, and they quickly reset my perspective and push  me into seeing things through a different lens.