REDI Lab Project: Re-Engineered Thinking by Wyatt Westfall

My project is self-inspiring, as while I don’t yet know exactly what I am working towards, I hope to find an interesting and beneficial way to discover that end goal. I want to re-engineer my thinking, and force myself to think in new ways. I believe that in doing this, in becoming uncomfortable, I will uncover new ideas.  Our thinking is largely a product of our environment, though we don’t often believe that, and by manipulating that environment, I may be able to manipulate and experiment with the way I think.

As a starting point, I plan on putting myself through several experiments. These will range pretty widely. I want to see how differently I think in opposite environments, if at all. These environments could be isolation, repetition, randomness, sleep deprivation, etc.. Through these experiments, I hope to learn more about myself and my happiness, and find a way to share what I found with a larger audience. If I could inspire people to think more personally about themselves, I would be happy with my project.