At the 2018 CHSAA Girls Lacrosse State Championship, Colorado Academy won the game 13-7 to win its fourth consecutive title.

Participation critical to CA Athletic Program success

The 2017-18 school year proved to be another outstanding one for Colorado Academy’s competitive athletic programs. Every one of CA’s 18 competitive Varsity athletic programs made its respective post-season state competitions this year. This accomplishment is especially impressive, considering Colorado Academy plays against schools many times its size, with far deeper benches from which to draw.

We take great pride in the fact that we are the smallest school that competes in 5A Boys Lacrosse and finished the year ranked in the top eight with a record of 10-7. The first round 10-7 victory over Rock Canyon High School was a highlight for our team, especially considering Rock Canyon has more than 1,000 boys. CA has won the last four State Girls Lacrosse Championships against Cherry Creek High School, which has more than1,800 girls from which to draw. We are also proud of the fact that as a 3A school, defined as having fewer than 600 students, CA played Grandview High School 5A’s top Girls Soccer Team to a 1-1 double OT draw. Our CA athletes are a tough, resilient, and a hard-working group.

Meet freshman Arjun Weihenmayer, who dived into an athletic program despite not having much experience in some of his chosen sports. Arjun played Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball this past year, even though he only had a background in soccer. Arjun’s experience was full and positive, and he helped all three programs and his teammates have great experiences. Other multi-sport athletes had great success this spring, after displaying tremendous results in their winter and fall athletic pursuits. Kudos to seniors Micah Rydberg (Swimming and Soccer), Kyra Kurtz (Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer), Wyatt Westfall (Baseball and Soccer), and Enzo Pellegrini (Cross Country and Lacrosse) all who competed at a very high level during various seasons of the year. This year’s seniors have raised the bar once again and left CA athletics in a great spot.

Underclassmen, if you have not played on a competitive team, think about getting on board and joining a program next year. There are so many great lessons to be learned from your teammates, your coaches, and the authentic situations in which you will be challenged and have fun at the same time. My hat goes off to all of CA’s athletes for their effort, grit, perseverance, and determination. Have a great summer, and see you all in August for pre-season!