From Left: Cito Fredrickson ’61, Taun Nimmo ’70, Jeff Lowdermilk ’70

Dr. Mike Davis: A message to alumni

Dear Colorado Academy Alumni,

We’re often encouraged to look for silver linings with the pandemic and its months of isolation and interruption of events we all hold dear. The 2021-2022 school year brought one CA’s way, as alums from 1961, 1970, and 1971 made up for lost time and held their reunion this past September, rather than in the typical month of May. It was wonderful to have 40 alumni take part in all of our Homecoming activities, including our All-School Pep Rallyheld outdoors for the first time ever. These alumni got to see school spirit at a really high level. There’s nothing like more than 1,000 Pre-K through 12 Graders screaming “C-A!”

Their return gave us the chance to have decades of memories highlighted as we held a dedication for the F. Charles Froelicher Upper School. Named after our former headmaster, who holds a special place in many of our hearts, it’s only fitting that Chuck’s legacy lives on in this building and is captured in a wonderful story you’ll see in this newsletter.

As I met with the men (these alumni hail from when the school was all-male) and heard their stories, it brought to the surface what so many of us share—a deep fondness for CA, our campus, and its people. Former classmates welcomed visits with new leaders and students. They shared the past with the present. It’s a gift that we each receive when our alumni visit and when they agree to share their profiles in these newsletters. We are reminded of the profound impact CA had on students and the impact those students now have on the world.

To every alum, I want to say thank you. Your ongoing commitment and engagement with CA makes a big difference. Each one of you is always welcome on campus. You don’t have to wait for a reunion to see the amazing progress we have made this yearcompleting the See it Through capital campaign with the Leach Center for the Performing Arts and installing two new Lower School playgrounds. Everywhere you look, you can see the work we have done to sustain a healthy school culture. Still, reunions have a special place and no doubt will make any visit more fun. Our Alumni Office will continue to plan amazing get-togethers for every class. We hope you will continue to realize what a special place you hold at CA.


Mike Davis, PhD
Head of School