The year Homecoming came home

This year, students who had missed all the joy of Colorado Academy Homecoming during last year’s pandemic restrictions came home with renewed spirit and energy.

It started with the All-School Spirit Assembly on Friday afternoon, as the C Club welcomed the entire student body to the baseball field.

Lower School Principal Angie Crabtree greeted CA’s youngest students by showing off her best cheerleader moves.

Pre-Kindergarten students could join the festivities for the first time—because moving the assembly outdoors meant they could better tolerate the noise levels.

Athletic Director Bill Hall honored last year’s State Champion teams: Boys Golf, Boys Soccer, and Girls Lacrosse (for the sixth year in a row).

Everyone showed off their spirit wear—from the youngest students to the oldest students.

CA’s mascot, Gus, revved up the crowd. And in the traditional relay race, everyone proved they could be a good sport when hunting for Jolly Ranchers in cream pies.

Even Upper School Principal Max Delgado had his moment of whipped cream infamy.

On Saturday, Head of School Mike Davis energized a crowd of Lower School bikers before the traditional Homecoming Bike Parade.

Proof positive how much students had missed this event—they turned out in droves to take a turn around Stamper Commons.

And when they finished one loop, they all enthusiastically did a few more.

For their parents, the next stop was the Harvest Market, with hundreds of pumpkin cookies and other treats to take home.

And the students—they headed to the carnival for lots of cotton candy and castle bouncing.

CA athletes crowned the return of Homecoming by participating in 13 athletic contests and walking away with a 11-1-1 record for the day.

It was the homecoming of Homecoming…and the CA community embraced the opportunity to enjoy all the activities and each other.

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