Compassionate Super Saturday

Out of all of our Horizons at CA Super Saturdays throughout the year, my favorite one is our December Super Saturday in which we celebrate the holidays with our students and families and reflect on what we are grateful for and how we can help others that are less fortunate.

One of our long-time Horizons staff members is our counselor, Mr. Chris Konrad. During the school year Chris works at Knapp Elementary, our primary feeder school, and in the summer he works with us at Horizons. Throughout the year, Chris also works at Urban Peak as a case manager. Urban Peak is a Denver-based organization that provides wrap-around services for homeless youth from age 14-24. When thinking about a meaningful project for our Horizons students to do during our Super Saturday, it occurred to me that we could have the students make blankets for the Urban Peak teens as well as cards with positive messages for them.


It was a fantastic experience! I feel like it is so important for our students to know, that even though they might go through some major challenges in their lives, there are others out there who are in need of assistance and could benefit from acts of kindness such as our students displayed today. I am hopeful that maybe in the future we can continue our collaboration with Urban Peak. It could be very beneficial for all involved!