Class of 2019 Commencement Dinner

In his speech at the Class of 2019 Colorado Academy Commencement Dinner, Upper School Principal Jon Vogels paid tribute to this class for their “toughness,” and the students’ “perseverance, grittiness, hard work, dedication to tasks, and the willingness to work through—not around—challenging issues.”

Those very qualities helped everyone at the dinner survive a rainstorm that had left the ground saturated and a lightning storm which forced everyone into CA’s buildings before they had even sat down for dinner inside the tent. Despite weather’s best efforts to disrupt the night, everyone’s spirits remained high. This joyful crowd was nothing if not “tough.”

Vogels defined “toughness” in different ways. He praised the class for their ability to self-advocate, demonstrate strong leadership skills, and for their ability to show vulnerability and ask for help when they need it. “That quality of being “all in,” even when the outcomes are uncertain or a little scary is part of the toughness that defines the Class of 2019 and will make you highly successful adults,” Vogels said.

He also praised the class for their generosity of spirit. “You, as a class, have supported and encouraged each other,” Vogels said. “There is a great sense of camaraderie in the group and a genuine attitude of acceptance towards your peers. So, thank you, Class of 2019, for your toughness and your generosity of spirit. These memorable attributes have made you a great class to work with and root for.”  You can read Dr. Vogels’ entire speech here.

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