Why CA Students Ride the Bus

Every school day, nearly half of CA’s students ride a CA bus to or from school. That’s 400 students on the bus daily—and that doesn’t even count the students who grab occasional bus rides to go to a friend’s house or meet up with their parents on the other side of town. CA owns 12 large buses and 10 smaller micro-buses, covering 10 different bus routes in the Denver metro area.

Each bus averages about 15,000 miles a year, with 13 licensed bus drivers covering the morning pick-up shift, the after-school departure shift, and the late departure shift. Students travel to CA on the bus from as far west as Evergreen and Golden, as far south as Castle Pines and Highlands Ranch, as far north as Arvada and Park Hill, and as far east as Aurora.

All CA students benefit from the bus fleet, as they ride the bus to participate in field trips, service learning projects, and/or athletic contests.

Students who ride the bus get to know their driver, and they get to know each other. Ask them why they like riding the bus, and they don’t hesitate to offer up a variety of reasons.


Allie Gold, Grade 5
Riding the bus: first year

“I like it because you are never late!”

Helaina Korneffel, Grade 6
Riding the bus: 7 years

“The advantage of riding the bus is that if I forgot to do my homework, I can do it on the bus.”

Lior Korenblat, Kindergarten
Riding the bus: first year

“Riding the bus is good, because I can see where we are going out the window.”

Charlie Michaud, Grade 5
Riding the bus:  4 years

“On the bus, I get to think about the day ahead.”

NyImah Bryant, Grade 3
Riding the bus: first year

“There’s one seat on the bus that’s warm, and I know which one it is, so I get to sit on the hot spot.”

Catherine O’Halloran, Grade 9
Riding the bus:  6 years

“Riding the bus, you meet people you wouldn’t meet anywhere else.”

Callan Williams, Grade 3
Riding the bus: 4 years

“I like it because you get to play with putty (he says while stretching putty between his fingers), and you can’t do that in class.”

Millie Degefa, Grade 7
Riding the bus:  2 years

“I like having people to talk to because I’m an only child, so it’s like sitting with a whole bunch of brothers and sisters.”

Domonique Megginson, Grade 6
Riding the bus: first year

“Compared to buses I have ridden at other schools, this one is really calm. You can even go to sleep if you want.”