Since Horizons’ early beginnings at Colorado Academy in 1998, we have worked primarily with one Denver Public School, Knapp Elementary. Both institutions promulgate the joy of learning and community-building as core tenets. Knapp Principal Shane Knight often talks about the many ways both CA and Knapp have benefited tremendously through this partnership as the collaboration has blossomed over the years.

I am proud to share the news that Knapp Elementary has been recognized by the state of Colorado with the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award 2019 as a result of having some of the highest academic growth in the state!

This is an incredible achievement, especially considering the daily struggles due to income disparity that Knapp students face. A recent Chalkbeat article describes the award and how far Knapp has come in the past few years. Knight views our Horizons at CA partnership like this:

“While our teachers at Knapp are working incredibly hard to provide the education necessary to change the trajectory of our students’ lives, I would be remiss to not give credit to Horizons at CA for your support in our mission. By providing the summer tutoring and Super Saturdays you all are helping our students develop and maintain the skills that will be transformative in their lives.”

How the CA Horizons Club helps

Aside from the Horizons at CA summer program, our CA Horizons Club students volunteer throughout the school year for our Knapp check-ins which take place once a month. We have recently implemented a tutoring program during these Knapp check-ins with very positive feedback. Our CA Horizons Club students, most of whom are Juniors and Seniors, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. They also act as positive role models for our Horizons students, showing them what is possible if they continue to work hard at their studies. Together, the CA Horizons Club students and the Knapp students spend time reading, writing, doing math worksheets, and working on homework assignments. Along the way, they build solid, long-lasting relationships with one another.

All around, this Knapp & CA partnership is one that works well and continues to bear fruit. From my vantage point, this strong bond will continue to flourish in the coming months and years.