April Fools’ Day takes over morning meeting in Lower School!

When Colorado Academy Lower School students logged on for their first class this morning, they were greeted by a variety of unusual-looking teachers.

The fun started in Pre-K, where students got to wear a silly hat, mask, or crazy hair and then told some funny jokes or stories.

Then, Mr. Panda locked Mrs. Rockmore in the basement and tried to teach today!  Fortunately, Mrs. Rockmore freed herself, and was able to take back her class!

Mrs. Boyd’s class was greeted by Meddy Teddy.

Piggie tried to take over Mrs. Jeske’s class.

Ms. Christlieb was joined by her gnomes, Harold (green) and Gladys (pink), for morning meeting and a reading of A Giraffe and a Half.

When Mr. Mills greeted his class, it turned out his sister had come to teach in his place! (Don’t miss this video…really, don’t miss it!)


Mrs. Ingham greeted her giggling Kindergarten class with Mr. Teddy Bear, who had a voice that sounded a lot like Mr. Ingham’s!

When Mrs. West’s students came to school this morning, this is what they saw. After they had a few minutes to read and process, Ms. Singer came online to ask them where their teacher was. They were all shocked to see the dragon and were laughing at the idea that he ate their teacher! After a minute or two, Mrs. West popped out and yelled “April Fools!”

All of the salons are closed, so Mrs. Ollett’s husband gave her a haircut last night!

And “Mrs. Gray” came in to start Mrs. Owens’s class this morning.

Happy virtual April Fools’ Day!