Activities, laughter, learning return to campus

The energy on campus was amazing this week! This past Monday, our Grade 9 and Grade 8 students experienced a “first day” of school all over again. Our Seniors had all returned the previous week, and it was great to have students back in my Vietnam class, in the actual classroom together. Our Lower School has been able to operate for most of the year with most students in person. Next week, the return of all students who want to be on campus will be complete.

Extracurricular activities resume

In-person extracurricular activities are back in session as well. The Mock Trial A team was on campus, preparing for their upcoming trial. The Regional Competition is February 11, 2021. Our Upper School theater program is working on a production. I loved strolling through the Athletic Center, seeing our Boys and Girls Basketball teams practice and students working out with Coach Wes Kirk in the Bansbach Strength and Conditioning Center. Our Mustangs won Wednesday’s match-up against Denver School of Science and Technology: Green Valley Ranch. The atmosphere on campus is just awesome.

Thanks all the way around
None of this would be possible without our teachers and our parents. I want to thank our teachers for their efforts. They have really rallied to support our students. We are asking much of our teachers in this moment, and each and every one is going above and beyond. I also want to thank parents for your patience and let you know how much we all appreciate your supportive emails and communications. Your investment in our student testing program has been essential for CA to reach this milestone. It will be key for us to continue to stay open. My expectation is that we will inevitably have some COVID-19 cases that will result in additional quarantine. It means a lot that so many families are taking precautions and being thoughtful going forward. Let’s keep it up! My goal is for us to be in session through the end of the year. We know how important in-person learning is for our students’ well-being.

Laughter replaces silence
All last spring and for parts of this year, I have walked through a quiet campus. Colorado Academy has beautiful grounds, and there is a peaceful atmosphere when no one is around. But for me, as a teacher and administrator, it is almost sad to not see our buildings in use and not hear laughter on the playgrounds. This week, I had to navigate through a throng of masked Grade 9 students, so clearly excited to be back together and getting to know one another better.

There are so many things I will not take for granted when all of this is over, and I am confident that our students will take away many lessons from living through this pandemic.

Go Mustangs!