“It’s All Right,” the Colorado Academy Fifth Graders sang at their 2022 Continuation to Middle School, under the direction of music teachers Brenda Bartel and Nora Golden. “Everybody clap your hands, give yourself a chance, it’s all right.”

For this class, it was even more than an “all right” day.  It was a great day of accolades and applause with some very proud parents.

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Words of wisdom from the Head of School

Head of School Dr. Mike Davis congratulated the class and reflected on his favorite part of the year—the opening of the new Lower School playgrounds in honor of teacher Leslie Webster.

“While some may not think play is important, I have the opposite viewpoint,” Davis said. “Play should be a part of everyone’s life. Your creativity reached new heights, as you stormed these magical play spaces. Never lose that creativity. The more creative you are as you approach your life, the more you will grow.”

Davis also praised the students for their Voices of Change capstone projects, which offered solutions to real-world problems.

“This is exactly the type of critical thinking that is building a valuable foundation,” he told the students. “It’s the kind of thinking that will pave the way toward many successes, as you step into Middle School with curiosity, kindness, and courage.”


Words of wisdom from the Lower School Principal

Lower School principal Angie Crabtree praised this class for being hard workers, pointing out that as Mustang Mentors, mentoring younger students in the Lower School, they had logged 2,138 mentor hours this school year. She also described the class as problem solvers and kind human beings—and she had the evidence to prove it.

“Last week, I decided to go on a kindness scavenger hunt, and I counted the number of kindness acts that I personally witnessed from all of you in your classrooms, at recess, during lunch, and in the hallways,” Crabtree said. “The grand total for the day was 36, which was absolutely amazing. Compassion, empathy for others, and little acts of kindness were rolling through the hallways of the Lower School due to your words and actions.”

 Honoring the students

As is the custom, the Fifth Grade teachers, Chelsea Grantham, Jessica Ohly, and Sara Wachtel, paid tribute to each student individually, honoring their contributions to the class and their unique personalities. Mrs. Crabtree stood in for Mrs. Grantham, who is on maternity leave.


The Fifth Graders also performed “Walk Through Life,” with lyrics that fit the day:

“Every day is a new beginning. Shine your light. It’s your day, and the world is waiting.”

Mrs. Crabtree brought the Continuation to a close with heartfelt words of pride.

“The Lower School faculty, staff, and I are extremely proud of you and your wonderful impact and influence in the Lower School community,” she said. “Your commitment to your school and your role as leaders, mentors, and friends never wavered, even while going to school as the pandemic continued.”

Holding T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Welcome to Middle School” and a sugar cookie, the Fifth Graders took the next step in their academic and personal careers—but first, they headed home for a well-deserved Summer Break.