on CAmpus COLORADO ACADEMY’S NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2017 | VOL. 43 | NO. 11 FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL MUSINGS ON GRATITUDE, FAILURE, & LEARNING E ntering my tenth year as Head of School at Colorado Academy, I am as excited as ever about the promise of this insti- tution. It has been beyond a privilege to serve the Colorado Academy community. It is a place with peo- ple who continually amaze and inspire. We have teachers who have dedicated their lives to the intellectual, artistic, ethical, and athletic development of young people.We have made deliber- ate and intentional choices, typically involving some sacrifice, to send our children to a school with such an ambi- tious mission.We have alumni who are committed to the institution.We have donors who have make significant gifts to the school to improve the environ- ment of the school, as well as make it possible for a robust financial aid pro- gram. And, we have students who bring their energy, passion, and enthusiasm for learning to our campus every day. My role is one of serving these different constituencies, as well as the mission of a school that is more than 100 years old. Like any CEO or execu- tive leader of a complex, human-driven institution, there are innumerable chal- lenges and hard decisions. But, in my role, I try to live by demonstrating grat- itude for this place, finding joy in every moment (even the hard ones), and serving the institution with integrity. For me, gratitude for CA is easy to Mike Davis, Ph.D. HeadofSchool CA’S SPEAK OUT EVENT: WES MOORE ON THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF EDUCATION P arent and students won’t want to miss ac- claimed authorWes Moore, who will speak at CA onWednesday, October 4, 2017, in CA’s Campus Center Dining Hall. Moore will share his remarkable personal story of overcoming adversity through education. His moving life jour- ney from wayward inner-city youth to decorated veteran, Rhodes Scholar,White House Fellow, and business leader is the subject of a much-antici- pated major motion picture, TheOtherWesMoore, from Executive Producer OprahWinfrey. Based on his NewYorkTimes bestseller, the film shows how educational opportunities, strong parental influence, mentors, and a community support network helped Moore transcend the fate of a boy with the same name who lived just blocks away from him and whose life took a tragically different path.The event is free and open to the community. RSVPs via the CA website are required. n SEE DAVIS|PAGE 2 The sevenarchedbeams thatframethestructureofColoradoAcademy’snew 14,00square-footFieldHouse wentupinjust threedaysinSeptemberaspartof PhaseIofthe AthleticCenter construction.Slatedforcompletionin February/March,  the FieldHouse willhouse anindoorpracticefacility,lockerrooms,andcoaches’offices. FOR QUESTIONS ANSWERED AND PROJECT MYTHS BUSTED |SEE PAGE 3 FIELD HOUSE STRUCTURE TAKES SHAPE