Why the Gerber family chose a private school

Jack Gerber

Jack Gerber

When it came to selecting a high school, Jack Gerber’s parents decided to take a hands-off approach.

“We said to Jack, ‘Where do you want to go?’” says Jack’s father Mike. “And we let him make his own decision, because we believe students will do the best at a place where they want to be.”

Jack decided to shadow at Denver’s East High School and at Colorado Academy. “What really caught his attention was how small the classes at CA were,” Mike says. “Having so few students in a class meant that there was more opportunity to interact with teachers. That was very different from what he had experienced the previous eight years.”

Jack’s parents also considered the small class size a “huge plus.”

“We believe that CA will do a good job making sure he stays focused,” Mike says. “Also, with large classes, I think it’s particularly hard to emphasize the importance of excellent writing. We think with small classes, CA will do a great job with that.”

Jack also liked the athletic opportunities he will have at CA—he plays both lacrosse and hockey. His enthusiasm for CA started from the first time he visited the campus, when he was matched with a student who had similar interests in athletics and had a “great experience shadowing,” according to his father.

The Gerbers believe Jack’s competitive nature will find new challenges at CA. “No doubt, CA will raise the bar for him,” says Mike. “We know he will want to keep up with the students around him.”