What’s on display?

Colorado Academy’s two campus libraries aim to highlight authors, illustrators, and events that will continually encourage our students to read. Through books and reading we foster a culture of inclusivity for student learners and leaders who are curious, kind, courageous, and adventurous. This month and in the months ahead, Colorado Academy’s mission will inspire CA librarians to adorn our two library entrances with book displays that inspire!

The Lower School Library has a new display series called Faces of Children’s Literature. The librarians are showcasing the diversity of creators in the children’s book world. By exhibiting the faces of contemporary and classic authors and illustrators, students will have the opportunity to discover that the library collection is full of authors and illustrators who look the same as and different from them.

By providing short biographical material on the children’s book creators, students can make connections and be inspired by the creators of their favorite books. Currently on display are Oge Mora, Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow, and Monica Brown.

In Raether Library, artful and stunning monthly displays dazzle Middle and Upper School students. The book displays are truly incredible sights. Currently attracting attention campuswide is a beautiful art piece celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month.

Thus, young writers and readers at CA can see that the world of literature is a large one, filled with varied voices—a world where anyone with a story to tell can find a home.