What we have learned by the 100th Day of School

During our 100th Day of School Celebration in February, Lower School students had the opportunity to share what they had learned in the first 100 days of school, as well as 100 things they love about Colorado Academy; all were posted on boards throughout the Lower School hallways. As I have traveled in the hallways in the past two weeks, I have loved reading their responses. Their insight and wisdom truly embody the spirit of young children and the joy of being a member of a Lower School community.

From Lower School students in all grade levels—I have learned:

  • to be a better person and respect the people around me more,
  • a lot about giraffes,
  • to drink water every hour,
  • to read better,
  • about the Revolutionary War,
  • to be aware of my tone of voice,
  • to count to 100,
  • the multiplication algorithm,
  • how to read a book in Spanish,
  • how to be kind, and
  • wearing a mask is much easier than I thought


Moving down the hallway to the next chart, students listed the 100 reasons they love Colorado Academy. Here are just a few:

  • teachers are helpful,
  • the beauty of the campus,
  • I have so many friends,
  • people are kind,
  • lunch tastes great,
  • CA helps the world,
  • we learn a LOT,
  • Teachers. Ever., and
  • it is kind community.

Even as we follow COVID-19 safety protocols, and some aspects of school look and feel different this year, I love looking through the eyes of our students. They remind us of the many things we love about our school days together. It’s actually hard to believe we have already enjoyed 100+ days of school together. The old saying of “time flies when you are having fun” is holding true in our Lower School!