Lower School students are already looking forward to Giant Relay Day.

What Lower Schoolers say about spring

As an educator, I always look forward to the spring of a school year. Spring is the time of the year when students truly hit their stride. They are more confident socially, as they navigate peer relationships, and they are mastering many grade-level standards. Also, the maturity of students begins to show even more, as they begin conversations at school and at home about moving “up” to the next grade level. It’s a beautiful transformation to witness in the life of a student.

On the day before Spring Break, we had a popsicle party after lunch. As we were all enjoying our treat outside together, I had an opportunity to ask Colorado Academy students how they feel about spring and the final twelve weeks of school. Their insights were so fun to hear, and I would love to share a few:

  • “There are so many fun programs and activities in the final weeks of school—my favorite is Giant Relay Day because we are all together like a big family. We play all kinds of games, and it’s like an all-day party.”
  • “I am looking forward to all sunshine days (with no snow) and that I don’t have to put on all of my snow clothes. Playing on the playground in the sunshine with my friends makes me happy.”
  • “My grade has a field trip to the zoo with our Senior Buddies. That’s going to be the best day ever! I hope I get to sit with my buddies on the bus.”
  • “I feel like I am ready for the next grade level. I start to think about what it will be like when I am moving classrooms and growing up.”
  • “I am in Fifth Grade this year. I cannot wait for my Continuation ceremony. I remember my brother’s ceremony; it’s very fancy, and lots of people attend. During the ceremony, my teacher will call me to the stage and share a story about me. I wonder what my teacher is going to say about me.”

The time between Spring Break and the final day of school will fly by, and we have so much to do. We will embrace each new day of spring and cherish the memories we create together.