What are students looking forward to this year?

I have always loved the first day of school and the joy of all that lies ahead in a new school year! If you include my own education from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade, college, and my years as a professional educator, I have experienced 47 first days of school!

Even as a young child, I would play out every aspect of the first day of school like a movie rolling in my mind. Getting to school early on the first day was always a priority for me because I had my to-do list of all the things I looked forward to as the day unfolded. I loved getting my desk assignment and organizing all my new school supplies. Meeting my teacher was always a highlight for me, and I could not wait to see what my classroom job would be on the first day.

As my 47th first day of school began on August 24, 2021, at Colorado Academy, I spent some time at recess interviewing students to hear what they were looking forward to as a new school year began.

A sampling of their responses included:

  • “Math! I am in love with it. I love when my teacher says, ‘It is Math time!’”
  • “Meeting new friends”
  • “Digging in the dirt”
  • “Reading because it’s so fun! I can’t wait to find the next book.”
  • “When kids are sad, I like to be the person to make them smile.”
  • “Learning new things that I never knew before”
  • “Seeing my little brother on campus; I love going to school with him.”
  • “Specialist classes! I love all of them!”
  • “Keyboarding and making my fingers move faster!”
  • “New friends and being kind to them”
  • “Buddy classes”
  • The playground
  • “The Dining Hall and the yummy food”
  • “Teachers who are excited”

I love this list! It truly captures so many aspects of what makes Colorado Academy special and what children love about their days at school. Now that my first day of school has passed, I am excited for the remaining 169 days of the year and adding to my overall list of what I love about school!