REDI Lab Project: WhAir To? by William McCormick

My REDI Lab project is to create a business plan for a different kind of airline. We will be looking to utilize smaller airports, and aircraft that are not commonly used for long-distance travel. Through saving costs per passenger with this airport, we can start offering more direct flights, creating a spider web system, instead of a hub-and-spoke system.

Why does our fastest mode of transportation seem the slowest? There are very few markets today that haven’t seen rapid innovation, but, surprisingly, aviation is one of them. We wait in lines to park our car, check in, move through security, get on the plane, get off the plane, get our bags, and pick up a rental car. Why do we put up with this? Because there is no other option.

Why did people dress up to fly? Perhaps because it was new, and exciting, but also because there was some luxury around travel. Over time, flying has become less luxurious.

Tentatively, the mission of my company will be to make flying more efficient, and as exciting as the destination.