We Want to Hear From You!

Have you ever had a moment when you suddenly remembered that great time you were having with your CA friends some years ago? Then you think, “I wonder what they’re all doing now? I haven’t heard about them in quite awhile.” Well, we wonder the same thing! What have you been up to? How’s your life and career going? How have you created a family? Where have you traveled? How well did CA prepare you for college and life? Which teachers do you remember fondly? What accolades have you received since leaving CA? Are you still playing sports, acting, singing, playing an instrument, or creating art? Do you have wedding, adventure, or baby photos to share? Have you written a book, published some poetry, started an enterprise, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, or composed a symphony or a rock ballad?

Tell us about it! We’d love to know and share the news with your classmates in our Class Notes section of The CA Journal. The magazine is published twice a year in June and November. Don’t be shy. Let your Mustang spirit shine through. Also, let us know about a classmate CA should feature in the Journal or Alumni Newsletter.  

Send contributions to Alumni Director Sue Burleigh.