2017 Jan 19: The opening reception for the Ponzio Art Center at Colorado Academy in Denver, CO. Trevor Brown, Jr./Trevor Brown Photography

Two Down, Two to Go; Sports Venue is Next Upgrade

Two buildings that are part of Colorado Academy “See it Through” Campaign are complete and open, and the Board of Trustees has approved the launch of Phase I of the construction on the refurbished Newton Athletic Facility, which is now underway.

With the help of 450 donors, the “See it Through” campaign has reached beyond $21 million, with the rest of the fundraising ongoing and critical to fulfilling the second and final phase of the athletic facility and to rebuilding the performing arts space. Already the campaign has supported the now-completed renovations to the Welborn House and the Ponzio Arts Center, as well as additions to CA’s school endowment. Both Welborn and the Arts Center opened in January of 2017.


Athletic Facility

Phase I of the athletics facility includes the construction of a Field House where all P.E. and athletic activities will be held when Phase II construction is able to begin. The Field

House will extend east of the current gym. It also includes the coaches’ offices on the north and the locker rooms on the south side of the Field House. Construction began in early June.

The still-to-be-fully-funded Phase II includes the renovation and expansion of the current gyms, all new HVAC and electrical upgrades, the addition of a climbing wall and bouldering area, weight training facility, multipurpose classrooms, study areas, and concessions.


Performing Arts Center

Also to be funded is a new performing arts center that will improve theater accessibility by creating a formal building entry that is appropriate for the performance purpose of the building and will reposition the entrance to the main performance theater so that guests enter in the back of the auditorium.

Upgrades will also increase seating capacity, improve dressing rooms and the Basement Theater, install new heating and air conditioning, and convert the sound, lighting, and video equipment to state-of-the-art digital components.

Both the athletic and performing arts spaces are decades old and were built for far less ambitious programs and for a significantly smaller student body. Says current Director of Visual and Performing Arts Dr. Julianne De Sal, “We have a building that is not even remotely reflective of our productions, the quality of our actors and actresses, or the tech theater creative minds that are on our campus. It is critical that we provide them a space where they can really experience their art and take it to new heights.”

During the spring of this year, CA conducted a campaign blitz, which helped to boost campaign coffers to $21.4 million of the $30 million total. With less than one-third of the campaign yet to go, fundraising will continue in the fall of 2017. Says Head of School Dr. Mike Davis, “These are our two most public buildings, and unfortunately, I think some people make assumptions about our commitment to arts and athletics based on a superficial look at our current facilities. This affects the school’s ability to attract not only great students, but also great instructors, coaches and artists. So, while we always emphasize the impact and importance of our faculty, I would say that facilities do matter.”

If you are interested in seeing construction drawings, naming opportunities, or to make a gift, visit our campaign website at www.caseeitthrough.org. For stock transfers or to discuss additional opportunities, please call 303-914-2507.