The opportunity to bring joy

While the 1996 movie Bed of Roses starring Christian Slater didn’t fare well with the film critic Roger Ebert, the theme made an impression on me. The main character, Lewis, could have chosen from many high-level career paths. Instead, he chose his profession as a botanist and Manhattan flower shop owner because it routinely gave him the opportunity to bring joy to people’s lives. This month, 25 years after the movie’s debut, it popped into my head as I reflected on two of our Parent Association events.

Early in October, during Parent/Teacher Conferences, Reena Majmudar, our Faculty and Staff Appreciation Chair, coordinated parent donations of a bounty of drinks, snacks, and breakfast items for our faculty in all three divisions. I witnessed firsthand how diligently Reena worked to pull this together and the abundant generosity of the parent community.

There was joy in the giving; it was clear that parents wanted our teachers to feel loved and pampered to thank them for all they do for our children. And there was joy in the receipt, as shown in these comments from our teachers and principals:

  • “Everything worked out so, so well; thank you for all your efforts! Everyone was grateful and excited! (P.S. I know people very much appreciate the healthy snacks, but maybe some chocolate candy could be included in March.)”
  • “We ate and ate and ate! It was wonderful. Thanks so much for your organization and effort. Conferences are a big deal, and you helped keep everyone energized and well-fed.”
  • “I would like to say how thankful all the teachers were with the support from the PA. Breakfast was wonderful both days!! That morning start is always so important. You did a great job!”
  • “Unbelievable! We appreciate your organization so much. Having it all here today makes a HUGE difference.”
  • “We are very grateful for all the treats and TLC!”

The next event occurred at our Celebration of Reading Book Fair on October 21. Event Chairs Dusty Fitzgerald and Alexa Braun worked with Allison Peters Jensen and Angie Crabtree to plan a magical day for our kids. From pumpkins decorated with book themes to brightly covered displays and fun gifts, and even a balloon arch entry, the children were captivated!

The palpable positive energy in and around the Raether Library was infectious. Books are cool, but apparently choosing books with your buddy takes it to an entirely different level! I noticed the happy noise, smiles on the faces of the students, and quite a bit of the parent volunteer bonding that was sorely missed over the past few school years when we were kept at a distance by COVID-19 restrictions.

I am fortunate to be in a role where I routinely have the opportunity to witness joy. Thanks to all of you for contributing to our Colorado Academy community.