The magic of alchemy


The full harvest moon on Friday the thirteenth was only one of the many ways that this year’s Alchemist Dinner at Colorado Academy seemed magical. The weather was perfect, as more than 200 guests arrived for cocktails, music by CA’s jazz combo led by Phil Jones, and a delicious dinner under the white tent.

This annual event celebrates CA’s leadership donors, members of CA’s planned giving Musil Society, and faculty award recipients, all of whom know well that “alchemy” means transforming things for the better.

Steve Scherer thanks Darby Shockley with a hug after the Shockley family donated in his honor to the Leach Center for the Performing Arts.

Three videos shown at the dinner paid tribute to families who have been generous donors to multiple projects at CA. Debbie and Doug Dennis have supported the school for 35 years and have been involved as active parents and grandparents. A gift from Gabrielle and Dylan Taylor gave life to Legacy Hall in the new Athletic Center, a gathering place that celebrates the history of sportsmanship at CA. Much to the surprise of drama instructor Steve Scherer, Ann and Lee Shockley made a gift to the Leach Center for the Performing Arts to honor Scherer for his devotion to CA’s theater program and the countless students he has taught in his 25 years at CA.

Board of Trustees Chair David Jones told guests it will be another 30 years before we see a full harvest moon on Friday the thirteenth—a good reminder that this was a special night for special people.

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