Last week I joined a group of students for lunch. As I began eating, the students shared that they were playing the “I Love” game. I asked what the “I Love” game was, and they quickly explained the rules: they would go around the table and each person would share what they love about Colorado Academy. I was intrigued to hear their responses.

As I listened, I heard the following: recess, grilled cheese sandwiches, friends, teachers (old and new), field trips, playgrounds, going to school with my brother in Pre-K, Field Day, special dress-up days, double recess, Halloween, Student Council, Homecoming, and a lot more.

As the students moved around the circle, one student said, “It’s your turn, Mrs. Crabtree,” and I happily shared my list: having lunch with students, making new friends, recess and double recess, my CA faculty and staff family, courage and kindness, trying new things, seeing students move from LS to MS to US, making new friends, and learning something new every day of the school year.

This was truly the best lunch EVER! After lunch, as I was walking back to my office, my heart was overflowing with CA joy! I challenge you to choose any topic and play the “I Love” game this weekend with your family. It will truly fill your heart with joy!