The Big Draw 2018
All visual arts classes took place outside in the sculpture garden among whimsical inflatable toys for 2018's The Big Draw.

The Big Draw celebrates the art of PLAY

As part of the worldwide celebration of drawing, The Big Draw returned to campus on October 18-19. All Colorado Academy Visual Arts classes moved to the sculpture garden, and students spent their class time surrounded by a collection of inflatable and colorful characters to draw and paint.

Keeping in the spirit of this year’s theme, “PLAY,” the art objects included a giraffe, lobster, rainbow unicorn, and giant gorilla. The clothes lines that were strung between trees filled up throughout each day with fantastic interpretations of the items on display.

The Big Draw Festival has grown into the world’s biggest celebration of drawing, taking place in 25 different countries, and is brought to life by many different independent organizations around the globe, hosting a variety of events to celebrate the universal importance of drawing. This annual month-long celebration was established in 2006 by The Guild of St. George to honor the life’s work of its founder, the great Victorian writer, philosopher, and artist, John Ruskin, who claimed, “Drawing is a means of obtaining and communicating knowledge.”

CA’s Visual Art Department began hosting an annual Big Draw event in 2010. The two-day community drawing event over the years has included a variety of exciting props for the students to draw, including: a vintage fire truck, several classic sports cars and monster trucks, motorcycles, a penny-farthing bike, construction equipment, a sailboat, and even live animals.

Look for highlighted works from this year’s Big Draw in the student art show in early December.

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