The Athlete and the Artist

You can start with her stats, but the numbers don’t tell the whole story about this student.

  • This is a student who is ranked number one in Colorado and number two in the nation — in her number two sport.
  • This is an athlete who played three seasons on varsity field hockey at CA for a total of 3,180 minutes.
  • Those 3,180 minutes are the equivalent of 53 games.
  • In 53 games, she made more than 185 saves.
  • Because of those 185 saves, she ensured no goals were scored against CA in 29 of those games, so more than 50% of the games she played in resulted in a shut-out.
  • In the games that weren’t a shut-out, she allowed only 16 goals, and in her senior field hockey season, she allowed only 4 goals.
  • That’s an average of .4 goals per game.

In November, she was named All-State Second Team by the field hockey league and their sport’s coaches, and the season for her number one sport is yet to come. Last spring, for the second straight year, she was named the Lacrosse Player of the Year in the All-State honors bestowed by CHSAA, ColoradoPreps, and MaxPreps.

Yes, it is CA senior field hockey and lacrosse goalie Bridget Sutter. And while the numbers are beyond impressive, there is more to her than what you see in the “cage,” no matter the sport.

Some say that when you see her play, you cannot help but be amazed by her athleticism, instinct, visual acuity, and reaction time. But, there is a lot more to Bridget than athletic ability.

At the end of the 2016 Field Hockey season, she won the award for being the team’s “Most Consistent Player.” In the words of Varsity Field Hockey Coach Veronica Scott,

“Bridget brings with her not only exceptional field hockey presence and talent, but also a remarkable, positive, and fun energy and personality. Her presence in the goal has given so much to this team: They played with the confidence to take risks in their game—a key aspect in learning—when they knew the goal was secure with Bridget protecting it. Bridget’s warm, witty, and fun personality gave the team added cohesion. She had everyone’s back and easily earned the respect, love, and laughs of all who were honored to be involved with her. “

Teammate Sloane Murphy describes her this way: She is “one of the most athletic people I have ever met. She has countless recognitions and accolades. On the days when she decided to retreat from her habitat of the ‘cage,’ … she once again astounded me with her pure talent.

I am so glad I get to have another season with her (in Lacrosse), because, Bridget, I am not ready to let you go just yet.”

This winter, Sutter says she’ll stay on her game by playing racquetball for CA. During her other off-season over the summer, she says, “When I’m not playing in any tournaments, I’m usually camping or working on my photography.“

From athlete to artist: her athletic acumen is just part of the story. Says Colorado Academy Photography Instructor Jesse Myers, “She is probably one of the most unassuming artists I know…. Her photo portfolio is absolutely stunning. Her photographs are a representation of her adventurous spirit. From her landscapes to her night images, to her planets, her work is truly out of this world.”

Sutter has been studying photography at CA since eighth grade. Myers says, “For years, she would not show her photos to anyone, but all the while, she was creating just amazing work.

Every once in a while, you could get her to show you some of her planet photographs, which she shoots using her telescope.”

Now, she even has her own blog titled Bridget’s Bakery. As she explains, “It’s actually a misnomer, and unfortunately, it isn’t about cooking.” Sutter posts writings about her backpacking and camping adventures as well as some of her nature photos.

In many ways, she has the mark of a CA student: an artist, an athlete, humble, genuine, and again, in the words of her teammate, “downto- earth, fun-loving, and incredible.”

Sloane Murphy continues in her field hockey banquet tribute, “The way you march to the beat of your own drum, excel in absolutely everything you do, and make everyone laugh along the way are things that each and every one of us appreciates.”

Sutter signed an official “letter of intent” on November 9 to play Division II Lacrosse at the University of Tampa. And she adds, “I think they have club field hockey there, so I might play that, too.”