Thanks for your commitment to safety and learning

I thought it best to keep this week’s blog short and sweet. As we head into Thanksgiving Break, I simply want to say thank you—to every student, faculty member, staff member, and parent—for all you are doing to make the best out of an exceptional school year.

Students are working really hard to meet the challenges of online learning—whether they are remote, or they are in class connecting with those students who Zoom in. I appreciate their positive energy and smiles as we march through the trimester. They wear their masks, they know to keep six feet apart (although it’s hard to always to do so when surrounded by friends), they get what they have to do to be able to stay together as a school community.

Faculty and staff are juggling beyond the normal for academics, athletics, and arts. I see the accomplishments and engagement of our students, despite especially trying times. Your commitment to our students and to one another gives me confidence and fortitude to keep tackling these challenges.

Parents, the CA community is so different from other schools. Your outreach with me and our faculty and staff makes us better. Whether hearing compliments or receiving helpful feedback, even criticism, I take every word to heart. Our plans adjust with your input. Please know that every decision is made with your child’s health and well-being as our North Star.

I encourage everyone to be safe over this holiday and to look out for the general welfare of our community.

I hope each and every one of you gets a chance to relax and reflect on what you are most grateful for, not just this week, but each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!