Ten quotes to live by in 2019

While the new year already feels months old, I didn’t want to miss the chance from an educational standpoint to add some thoughts to the collective 2019 manifesto. As a Head of School having the good fortune to work with young people, I am reminded daily of the opportunities we have to grow and learn, to explore new interests, to energetically tackle new projects, and to continually view life as an opportunity that begins with each new day. It is in teaching young people that we are trained to take the “long view.”

From Mark Twain to Martin Luther King, Jr., and from Maya Angelou to Katharine Hepburn, I always find wisdom, humor, and just plain good advice in their words. And the part about “downhills” and “uphills” is an attempt at some self-deprecating humor, as I continue recovery from a partial knee replacement in the first few days of the new year. Surgery aside, I had prepared this to share with students on our first day back from school, but I am sharing it with all of you now.

Wishing all those in our community good health and a happy 2019!

Mike Davis, PhD
Head of School
Colorado Academy

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