Students Honored at US Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the following seniors who received the following awards during today’s Upper School Awards Assembly:

  • Karl Neserke, Amelia Lochhead, and Sophie Sileo, who received the Peggycita Awards for their achievements studying a foreign language;
  • Cooper Bedin, Celia Osman, and Eliza Ducnuigeen, who received the Griggs Dayton World Language Award;
  • Cooper Bedin, who received the Technical Theatre Award;
  • Keenan Gluck and Eliza Ducnuigeen, who received the Theater Performance Award;
  • Sophia Rodawig and Matthew MacPhail, who received the Excellence in Music Award;
  • Claire Greydanus, who received Carl and David Kumpe Instrumental Award;
  • Paige Thomas and Chloe Ponzio, who received the Conservatory of Dance Award;
  • Bryce Okazaki, who received the Digital Video Award;
  • Maggie Jones, who received the Studio Art Award;
  • Sophie Cannon,who received the Photography Award;
  • Madeleine Smith, who received the Social Studies Award;
  • Seth Jack, who received the Senior Science Award;
  • Brison Mondry, who received the Pat Hogan Award;
  • Trinity Goderstad, who received the English Writing Award;
  • Matthew MacPhail, who received the Excellence in English Award;
  • Ethan Jaszewski, who received the Richard Kelly Award;
  • Sophia Rodawig and Jacqueline Patel, who received the Math Achievement Award;
  • Alex Kim, who received the Math League Champion Award;
  • Eric Bear, Cooper Bedin, and Greg Cain, who received the Computer Science Award;
  • Claire Greydanus, who received the Horizons Student Award for Extraordinary Service;
  • Grace Ingebretsen and Paige Clay, who received the Award for Inclusive Excellence;
  • Jack Cmil and Isabel Chandler, who received the Bob and Pat Simms Alumni Award;
  • Nellie Turnage and Evan Reiter, who received the Senior Athlete of the Year Award;
  • Bridget Sutter, who received the Zach Hills Award; and
  • SunHee Seo and Celia Osman, who received the Chris Babbs Leadership Award.

In addition, junior Lauren Fossel received the Junior Science Award, and junior Lila Arnold received the Jennifer Wu Memorial Fellowship Award, which goes to a student to pursue a summer project. Lila will climb 14’ers throughout the summer.

Says Upper School Principal Jon Vogels, “We are so proud of your hard work, and of the example you set for your peers.”