Student Postcards From Scotland

The Upper School Scotland Exchange program with Hutcheson’s Grammar School was one of the most incredible and impactful experiences in my life. Not only did I look at Colorado in a different way after (my exchange “sister”) Christina came to live with my family, but when I went overseas, I was completely immersed in Scotland’s culture. This opened my eyes and taught me more about the world and myself. Overall, this was an amazing opportunity and I would highly recommend it.

-Lauren Russell

Being in Scotland with people from home and abroad who I know so well was one of the greatest experiences of my life. My host family was amazingly considerate and exposed me to so many new things I had never seen or experienced. This trip enabled me to embrace another culture like I never had before.

-Evan Rumsfeld

I absolutely loved my trip to Scotland. I met incredible people, and got to experience wonderful activities. If anyone is interested, I would highly recommend. It’s a trip you will never forget.

-Amanda Funk

Doing a student exchange with Scotland was one of the most amazing trips I have taken. It gave me the ability to see and experience a different culture in a way I would not have had through just visiting. It allowed me to develop relationships with people who will leave a lasting impact on me and I will remember forever.

-Camryn Beall