Strong leadership in Parent Assocation

The Colorado Academy Parent Association is in a healthy place.

The strength of this volunteer organization at CA is due to the many leaders from the past who have worked hard to set up a strong and sustainable organization for the future. We want to extend that effort, and I’m pleased to say that we continue to thrive.

Promoting volunteerism isn’t an easy task. Parents are busy, and many may think that someone else will take care of it. But in fact, as the saying goes, “many hands make light work!” Our Parent Association structure is set up so that we can encourage a variety of levels and interests across our parent body. As stated in the Parent Association Bylaws:

The purpose of the Parent Association shall be to support the educational and enrichment programs at Colorado Academy as expressed in the school’s mission statement; to promote understanding and build cooperative relationships and community among parents, faculty, staff and students; and, to provide service, including fund-raising and parent education, as necessary.

Community building, as well as fundraising

Over the past few years, the PA has evolved into largely a community-building enterprise. Of course, there continues to be a fundraising component to support our enrichment initiatives, as well as our annual gifting program, and we are proud of these ongoing efforts. But the intangible benefits of the connections we make among parents strengthen our community and build a foundation of support for the greater mission of the school. This is an important role.

There is no shortage of talented and invested parents in our community. We should be proud of creating an environment where parents feel valued for their meaningful contributions.

We just recently renewed our leadership commitment for the 2020-2021 school year. The nominating process for the PA, led by past president Denise Kay, discovered an amazing array of volunteer leaders ready to take on the initiative and vision of the PA.

Executive Committee Slate 2020-2021

I am pleased to announce the proposed Executive Committee slate for 2020-2021.

President:  Alice Rydberg

President-Elect:  Kellie Prall

Divisional Vice-Presidents

Upper School: Jeanne Coleman, Brenda Alexander

Middle School: Ann Reidy, Yama Foreman

Lower School: Alyssa Clarke, Meg Braun

Treasurer: Amy Martin

Secretary: Gina Kennedy

Communications Co-Chairs:  Allyson Jacoby, Heather Spruell

Volunteer & Outreach: Jenny Wolkon

Community Appreciation: Marte Timmers

Gifting: Lyndsey Farncombe

The above proposed slate of officers will be voted on during the March 12 SPEAK meeting, which is the State of the School presentation by Dr. Davis.

Fresh ideas energize PA leadership

Along with the Executive Committee, there are committee chairs that run events throughout the year. We purposefully want continuity of leadership and fresh ideas, so there is always a place to get involved at a leadership level. Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss ways to get involved in PA leadership.

I personally want to thank all the leaders who have come before and those who are willing to step up and offer to help or say “yes” when the call goes out. We continue to be a stronger organization because of you.