Spring is a season of leadership renewal for the Parent Association

I’ve been involved with the Colorado Academy Parent Association for several years now, and I have to say that spring is my favorite time of year. As the leaves begin to bud on the trees, the PA has already filled their Executive Committee positions for the coming year. The Nominating Committee spends the winter months gathering names from those who self-nominate and from peers. The committee then talks with each person on the list to find a role best suited to their areas of interest.

While other schools may struggle to find volunteers, we are so fortunate each year to have a robust list of parents who want to contribute their time and talent. As the team works through the nominating process and hears the compliments that are shared, they get a sense of the relationships within our tight-knit community and the passion our parents have for CA. Thank you to Alice Rydberg, last year’s PA President, who led this year’s nominating process with her trademark care and professionalism.

According to the Parent Association bylaws, “the purpose of the Parent Association shall be to support the educational and enrichment programs at Colorado Academy as expressed in the school’s mission statement; to build cooperative relationships and community among parents, faculty, staff, and students; and to provide service, including volunteer coordination and faculty and staff appreciation.”

 Please take a moment to congratulate the individuals below who have agreed to volunteer their time to further this purpose through the initiatives of the Parent Association.

Executive Committee for 2022-2023:

President:  Jen Wolkon

President-Elect: Amy McPheeters

Divisional Vice-Presidents

Upper School: Marte Timmers, Amy Martin

Middle School: Lindsay Miller, Elana Schwartzreich

Lower School: Christina Joymon, Erin Davis

Treasurer: Vanessa Homuth

Secretary: Lissa Cullen

Communications Co-Chairs:  Sarah West, Alyssa Clarke

Volunteer & Outreach: Patrick Rodriguez

Faculty & Staff Appreciation:  Caity Barton, Catie Cohen

These leaders will now begin designating committee chairs to run our community-building events for the coming year and class leads for each classroom or grade. We strive for a combination of experienced volunteers and fresh ideas, so there are many opportunities for involvement. Please contact Jen Wolkon if you’d like more information. Happy spring!