Spring Captain Award and end-of-year thoughts

Bill Hall with Spring Captain's Award recipient Ari Fierer
Bill Hall with Spring Captain’s Award recipient Ari Fierer

This past year, the Colorado Academy Athletic Department started the Captain Award to be presented to the captain of a team that recently completed its competitive season and who reflects and possesses the qualities that we hope for in our CA team captains—work ethic, integrity, dedication, and being a leader both on and off the field.

This year’s spring Captain Award winner is Ari Fierer, one of the captains of the CA baseball team. “Ari is our catcher and our field general,” says Head of CA Baseball JT Putt. “He has been a great leader during his entire high school career and carries himself with such a cool, collected, and confident demeanor that it helps keep everyone calm. He is the cornerstone of our defense and has handled the pitching staff really well.”

Fierer, who is headed to Swarthmore College in the fall, is also a standout in the classroom. He was recently named a winner of the 2019 National Merit Scholarship. He is also very involved in the Anderson Innovation Lab, where he started his own woodworking/furniture business. A true renaissance man, he is a superb violin player, and he also plays in a CA jazz band.

Some of the best in the state

We have been lucky, as a community, to have so many outstanding individuals like Ari Fierer represent us. This past spring season, CA programs and teams have proven once again to be some of the best in the state. All six spring athletic programs made post-season competition. Also of note, 16 out of 17 of our CHSAA-sanctioned Varsity teams achieved post-season play this school year, which is extraordinary for a high school comprised of 410 students.

The fact that so many CA students can juggle a variety of interests—demanding academic courses, creative arts opportunities, high-level athletic endeavors—and also maintain a sincere and authentically joyful and respectful attitude is truly remarkable. Our Class of 2019 has done a tremendous job of building on the accomplishments of those that have come before them, raising the bar in terms of future expectations, and cementing their own legacy with grace and humility.