Sleep or No Sleep, Scotland is Great!

Day 1 at Hutchesons Grammar School in Glasgow was a huge success! The trip out was a blur. We left Saturday afternoon and arrived Sunday mid morning. We lost 7 hours in time zones, essentially skipping the time when we would have slept on Saturday night. The trip was so pleasant; these five students are wonderful travel companions!

Sleep or no sleep, Sunday was a busy day. We had breakfast in Iceland, and by early afternoon students were attending speech competitions, seeing the Scottish countryside, and enjoying Sunday family dinners as everyone settled into their individual host families’ homes in Glasgow. We were also introduced to traditional Scottish weather, wind and rain and mist!

Today started with a morning assembly and classes for the students at school. The atmosphere at “Hutchies” is quite formal and structured compare to Colorado Academy, but equally friendly, welcoming, and helpful. The five CA students jumped right into classes and daily life in Glasgow. By lunchtime, teachers were already remarking about their great participation and presence. And it was the most lovely blue-sky day! Meanwhile, we are all starting to say “wee bit” and “lovely” just a wee bit more than before.