Treats from the CA Parent Association were left all over campus this week for Faculty and Staff.

Appreciation is overflowing at Colorado Academy this month, as the Parent Association has done an amazing job of showing gratitude for our faculty and staff. Morning treats and afternoon pick-me-ups are popping up each week. I, too, am extremely grateful for the faculty and staff dedication to our students.

I want to give a special shout out, though, to the beyond-the-classroom staff who keep Colorado Academy running and provide special service that touches so many. For many students, the first CA employee they see in the morning is their bus driver, some of who roll off campus at 6 a.m. to begin their routes. Throughout the day, our students see our Operations crew out doing all they can to make sure our campus is beautiful and safe. On snowy days, that crew clears snow and treats the ice. Watching them out in the cold often leaves me speechless, as their work is a simple display of pure dedication to our school.

For true models of service and care, look no further than our amazing Dining Hall crew from Sodexo. Students often get a welcome to lunch from Janet, our Bookstore Manager. Division assistants handle so much of the day-to-day, connecting kids with their parents, delivering messages, supporting the principals, and sometimes handing out the Band-Aids. Our athletic trainers have had to work extra hard during the pandemic to tend to student injuries. And every day our security officers welcome students and families to campus, as they keep careful watch on the community.

This time of year, our Admission team is finalizing which new students will attend CA. Then, they help with onboarding in the fall, only to have the annual admission cycle start all over again. Our Advancement/Communications team works through the year, building a culture of philanthropy, planning and executing one-of-a-kind events, capturing the amazing stories of all things CA, and keeping in touch with our alumni. Those efforts have helped build our campus, grow financial aid, and provide support for teacher salaries. And Mari never misses a call while greeting visitors to the Smith Center. I personally want to thank my executive assistant, Diane, for the never-ending support at all hours of the day.

Librarians, college counselors, health assistants, our mental health counselors, and those in the Office of Inclusivity bring touchpoints that help students have balance, give extra attention when needed, and ensure our students have all the extras that are needed to handle life and thrive.

Coaches bring that special connection that only sports provide, and private music instructors not only teach music, they foster joy in accomplishment.

Our Business Office/HR staff works year round to ensure that philanthropy, as well as tuition, financial aid, and personnel matters are handled appropriately, and our bills are paid, to serve the mission of the school. The Office of Technology keeps our systems humming and everyone receiving the tech support they need. Our Child Care staff provides much-needed tender loving care for employee children. Our Summer Camp staff keep this campus full of laughter and programming in the summer. And, every night, the last people to leave campus are our amazing custodial crew who do so much more than wipe away the germs, as they devote their hours to making sure the classrooms are ready for teaching and learning the next day.

These are extraordinary employees. I am often humbled by their sense of service and the support they give to our community. Some have worked here for decades.

CA is fortunate to have a wonderful mix of faculty and staff. Each brings their own unique talents, yet all are driven by one common goal: a commitment to CA’s learners and leaders—wherever you find them on campus. Again, special thanks to the PA for making sure each one of us feels extra appreciated.