Senior Recital and Recognition

As Katy Hills, CA’s amazing Director of Visual & Performing Arts, said, “There are few better CA traditions than the Senior Recital Program.”

She is absolutely correct. This past Wednesday night, over 20 Seniors performed in the Leach Center for the Performing Arts. What was particularly fun for me is that I saw many of these students when they were just little kids. They have been mentored by our amazing music faculty like Jen Arnold, Madoka Asari, David Bailey, Becky Burchfield, Connie Char, Phil Jones, Kevin Padworski, Isabella Ubertone, and Maria Wietrzynska, who often provide support during their performances. 

I can only imagine how emotional it is for them as mentors, teachers, and fans to experience this kind of success and growth for their students. 

What I love is that these students are so multifaceted and participate in so many other activities. I walked over from the Boys Lacrosse game with a set of parents who were going from that event to the recital. These artists are amazing students and athletes who live the school’s mission. I also love how they just put themselves out there so courageously, taking on challenging material. And I admire the discipline of these students for keeping up on their passions despite all their other commitments.

Art and music are such distinguishing features of humanity. Music connects us—think of national anthems, lullabies, love ballads, and protest songs—and brings us together. Music can also lead to better learning, mental wellness, improved memory, and more. Learning music helps with focus, balance, resilience, and healthy habits. These Seniors deserve credit for following their passions, practicing consistently, and contributing to the betterment of our community. It was an inspiring event. If you see the following students, give them a shoutout and encourage them to keep going.

Tate Behrhorst, guitar/voice
Josh Bub, guitar
Bela Chaudhuri, voice
Abby Cohen, guitar/voice
Garrett Davidson, voice
Daniel Farmer, bass
Clayton Johnson, guitar
Grant Kenney, cello
Helaina Korneffel, piano
Hailey Krueger, piano
Reagan Lane, violin
Sydney Leach, guitar
Brady Martin, piano/voice
Lila Mix, flute
Caroline Owen, violin
Luca Siringo, drums
Taylor Slutzky, voice
Willy Stettner, cello
Annabelle Twite, guitar
Alaina Wharton, voice
Jessica Zinn, trumpet/voice

I don’t say this lightly—thank you so much to the parents who supported their child’s endeavors, and probably kept some pressure for them to keep going! Being able to play music is such a gift, treasure, and release. 

When you see this event on the calendar for next year, I encourage you to attend to see the apex of the arc of CA’s music program. Again, there are several students I once saw playing the most simplistic of songs who have truly grown to be virtuosos!

I thought it fitting to add a quote from an incredible artist we just got to experience together:

Sometimes, I don’t like making emotions your career; something about it is kind of gross. But, at the same time, I want to move people the same way the songs make me feel.

-Nathaniel Rateliff