Junior Sarah Street on Scotland, School and Culture

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.38.30 AMWhen we landed in Scotland, we were met with everything we first expected: dark clouds, chilly winds, and the cold rain. While driving, I kept reminding myself that we were not on the wrong side of the road. All the cars were tiny in comparison to the ones driven in Colorado, and the local roads consisted of one lane for each direction. We didn’t pass through any major intersections, but instead went through several confusing roundabouts.

On our way to school the next day, I saw multiple students with different uniforms walking to their respective school. I learned that the majority of students commuted by train or simply walked, so the school didn’t have a proper parking lot.

The school day started off with an assembly. A man played the organ, and the music resonated in the hall through its multiple speakers. At the end of the assembly, two young boys played the bagpipes to welcome us “American students”. Both of these events were extremely unusual for us to experience.

Because sixth year is optional for all students, they are not required to take classes of all subjects. Bethan currently takes three classes: business, psychology, and moderns studies. Not only are the class requirements different, the variety and specificity of classes available seem more extensive than the classes offered at CA, excluding the innovations programs.

After our first day here, we were blessed with three days of sunshine and tolerable weather. I’m beginning to get into the routine of school and I’m finally memorizing the names of other people. My host family is more than welcoming, and I enjoy our late night talks. I’m looking forward to learning more about the culture and experiencing this different way of life with the new people I meet along the way.