A Read Aloud Primer for Everyone

The new picture book, How To Read A Story, by Kate Messner and Mark Siegel, follows a boy and his adorable blue dog through ten steps one might follow to read and delight in a story.

    • Step One: Find a story (a good one)
    • Step Two: Find a reading buddy (a snuggly one)
    • Step Three: Find a cozy reading spot (chairs big enough for two are good)

    And that is just the start.  Readers learn about how the title of a book might predict what the story is about, how to read aloud in a clear voice, how to sound out words, how to read with voices that match the characters who are talking, and so much more.  Just a few weeks into the school year,  we have shared this book with every class in the Lower School.  From Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, we used our expressive voices to be a lion, a mouse, a robot, a dragon, or a princess.  We talked about a family member, a stuffed animal, or a pet that might make a good reading buddy.  Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders are thinking about how they might bring books alive for their younger buddies.  Perhaps Kindergarten students are thinking about ways they can share books with their senior buddies.

    We value that reading is an integral part of the culture at Colorado Academy.  We believe in fostering a love of reading in our students and aim to engage them with reading materials that inspire, whether they prefer fiction, nonfiction, magazines, graphic novels, biographies, or something else.  Students in all grades can check out books for independent reading and to support their studies.  Parents are invited to visit the Lower School Library and Raether Library to check out books for reading with the family or to read independently.  We select and collect books for all ages and interests.

    As How To Read A Story came to a close, each class read Step Ten, “say ‘The End’” together.  It was a great way to end each library class for the Lower School Students, but it’s not even close to the end.  We have a wonderful year ahead of reading together.  Please let the librarians know how we can help you and your family read together during this school year.  And don’t forget about CA’s WONDER-full Book Fair coming this November.


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