Rainbow Connections and Dirk Smirk, Secret Agent

What do rainbows and secret agents have in common? They both made an appearance at Colorado Academy during May!

Just ask CA’s Kindergartners and First Graders about the colors in the rainbow, and they will be able to sing and dance the answers for you—including an enthusiastic celebration of the color “indigo”—all thanks to their performance, “Rainbow Connections.”

The students delighted their audience on May 2, with many songs inspired by their study of colors, including My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss and the traditional Spanish folksong De Colores ([Made] Of Colors). They were directed by Lower School Music Specialists Brenda Bartel and Nora Golden. 

Students sang and danced, creating rainbows with multicolored ribbons. CA’s youngest performers also told the story of “Elmer,” the colorful elephant who loses his color and finds it again. With multi-colored elephant ears they had decorated themselves, the littlest elephants paraded around the stage, some waving trunks (and hands) to favorite people in the audience.

The students’ final song reminded everyone that all colors are welcome in our world, a message they delivered with conviction and enthusiasm.

Dirk Smirk, Secret Agent

Colorado Academy Middle School students created their very own comedic version of a James Bond adventure in the May production of Dirk Smirk, Secret Agent. Directed by James Meehan, with Steve Scherer as Technical Director, the play gave the audience a perfect opportunity to boo the villain and cheer the hero.

Bringing this classic melodrama to life were main characters played by Grant Kenney (Dirk Smirk), Ariana Foreman (Captain Tremaine), Diana Reidy (Grainger), Sasha Yuffa (Professor Pretorius), Andrew Koclanes (Anatoly Kazmarov), Olivia Aguirre (The Ambassador), and Olivia Harris (Commander Molstrop) with a supporting cast of comic bad guys and other good guys devoted to the very urgent mission of saving the world from the bad guys.