Principal Congratulates Fifth Grade Students on Continuation to Middle School


Continuation Remarks for fifth grade students and their families 

I would like to take a moment to thank the people who helped you make it to where you are today.   Parents and families: thank you for the love, encouragement and support you have given your children during their elementary years.  Pre-K through Fifth Grade teachers: thank you for your expertise, energy and devotion to children’s learning and development.  At every grade level, students at Colorado Academy are nurtured and valued by this incredible group of educators. A special thanks to the Fifth Grade teachers who have guided this class through this year, and know that this group is ready to move on to Middle School.

Fifth graders, it was an honor getting to know you and see you grow this year.  This was a special year—when you were finally the oldest students and the leaders in the Lower School.  Each of you stepped into this role in your own way and made your unique contributions. You have challenged and supported each other, had some great laughs and fun times, made some mistakes and learned from them, and developed a hearty self-esteem by earning it through hard work and perseverance. You even survived the angry geese that roosted on the roof of the Lower School and defended their territory with a vengeance. In short, you have grown up a lot this year.

I saw the impact of your leadership in the mentoring program, as you led our town meetings, created memorable Mustang newscasts, assisted teachers in classrooms, helped with Admissions, reminded us about courage and kindness in the Lower School, and worked in a variety of other settings to give back to Colorado Academy. You showed the younger students that leadership can look many different ways, but that it always involves showing up and showing how much you care about your school and your fellow students through your actions.

I watched you grow academically throughout the year. Each of you has deepened your knowledge of topics and concepts that were introduced in earlier grades.  You have developed a more sophisticated understanding of literature and language, learned more complex math, dissected brains and launched rockets.  You have written moving poetry and created an amazing musical and dramatic performance this spring.  Your artwork graced the hallways of the Lower School during the All-School Art Show.  And your recitals throughout the year showcased your growing skill and poise.

In April, you went to Crow Canyon and navigated that week away from home with poise, character, and good humor. You were learners in the truest sense of the word that week. You arrived well prepared with knowledge you gained in the classroom, and then you jumped into every learning activity with enthusiasm and deep interest.  You impressed the instructors and teachers with the questions you asked the about ancestral Puebloan history and culture and with the respect you showed the people and sites you visited. You represented your school and yourselves well.  Once again, CA received highest compliments from the staff there because of your good choices and responsible behavior.

In your Images of Greatness projects, you researched people who have made a difference throughout history and in many different areas of human endeavor —science, the arts, industry, sports, leadership, innovation, and exploration.  This capstone project taught you many lessons—about time management, organization, finding information, and pulling together a presentation. In your speeches you took on such contemporary issues as immigration, human rights, and the future of our planet.  Not unlike the people you learned about, you were tested by that project . . . and you emerged better young people for your hard work.  It was a big challenge that you met and conquered, and you deserve your feelings of accomplishment for having completed these projects in style.

In Lower School, each of you has glimpsed your potential as a student, an artist, an athlete, a musician, and a friend.  My wish for you as you forge your path into Middle School is that you continue to develop that potential and grow into courageous learners and young people who will challenge and change the world as your Images of Greatness did.

We all hope you have fond memories of your Lower School years.  These years have been rich in traditions, people, experiences, stories, and laughs that have helped shape the dynamic, wonderful class that you are today.  We are proud of you for the fantastic work you’ve done in Lower School.  Congratulations on your continuation to Middle School.

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