Parent Association Connections April 2019




Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet, but Spring energy is in the air. We were excited to vote on our new Executive Committee for the 2019-20 school year at Dr. Davis’ rescheduled State of the School meeting.  I want to thank those parents continuing in or stepping into a leadership role at our school and hope you will recognize the time and effort they are dedicating to our community!

With the winter snowstorms and school closures, we were forced to rethink the usual ways that we conduct Parent Association business. When Dr. Davis’s State of the School presentation had to be postponed, we needed to find an alternate way to conduct our business within the bounds of our Bylaws.  This affected our Parent Association Gifting Process this year.  We usually presented our gifting options at the State of the School meeting but this year we posted everything electronically.  We gift our PA income-generating profits back to the school! We are so excited to be able to gift $25,000 back to CA this year. The full list of requested items and a short presentation on each item can be found at PA Gifting link. You can cast your vote here. Please vote by April 5th.

Finally, in case you missed it, I want to reiterate a message we recently posted in the monthly divisional emails:

CA Community Appreciation…What families should know

As we embark upon National Teacher Appreciation Day in May, we want share with you what the Parent Association does to recognize our faculty and staff throughout the year, as well as our plans for Teacher Appreciation Week.

As you know, each parent is automatically a member of the Parent Association, and through your generosity participating in events and fundraising throughout the year, there are funds raised that go back to enriching the community. One aspect of this enrichment is through our ongoing appreciation of the faculty and staff, and we wanted to share a few events that occur each year.

  • We provide a coffee cart on Faculty Professional Days in August and Spring of each school year. The teachers love their gourmet coffee treats on those days.
  • In December, we provide every staff member with sweet treats at the holidays with the Cookie Fest, along with a gift card to recognize our appreciation.
  • We take thank-you treats to our Operations Staff for their ongoing support of our activities (Homecoming Carnival, Used Book Sale, etc.) and their hard work keeping our campus safe, clear of snow and ice, and beautiful!
  • We write notes of thanks and gratitude to those on campus who go above and beyond to support our kids and families.

Due to your ongoing support of the Parent Association events, we can also acknowledge our Faculty and Staff during a special week in May, National Teacher Appreciation Week/Day (established by the National Education Association). When you hear about it, or see a sign reminding us of this week, we wanted to be clear that your Parent Association is taking care of it! We look forward to pampering our faculty and staff that week. We will provide specialty coffee, treats, small gifts, but mostly written and verbal messages of appreciation. If you want to help in the planning, let me know!

We’ll be publishing more about our Parent Association’s specific plans for Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10, and also wanted to share with you the ways throughout the year that we show our gratitude.

It takes a village

We are so grateful for our volunteers during our recent PA events. Our Used Book Sale was a huge success and takes a herculean volunteer effort. This event is particularly fun, because not only does it recycle tens of thousands of books back into our community, it also draws past and present CA family volunteers back on campus who still, after graduating their last child from CA, are willing to volunteer time at the school! That is a testament to our wonderful community. We recognize the following people who helped with this year’s Used Book Sale:

Used Book Sale


Liz Greenberg

Kia Kofron

Marte Timmers

Carol Zimlinghaus



Yuko Aimi

Brenda Alexander

Phyllis Allen

Lesley Argent

Elizabeth Arnold

Danielle Bayliss

Mia Bearley

Brooke Beasley

Jan Beattie

Leigh Bertman

Molly Blake

Ellen Blatt

Sue Blattner

Meghan Braun

Claudia Brunner

Karen Cannon

Fran Carson

Sonia Carty

Alyssa Clarke

Lisa Dennis

Mary Ege

Dalia EL-Prince

Joanne Esposito

Holly Farmer

Jenny Gannon

Laura Lee Gastis

Alison Gile

Nancy Gill

Charlotte Gillespie

Jennifer Goldman

Jackie Gomez

Dana Gordon

Mary Hagen

Ronit Hicks

Chris Johnson

Tamara Jorden

Esther Langmack

Erika Lee

Cecilia LeWand

Michael Liao

Kirsten Lock-Ryu

Amy Martin

Julie Martin

Lindsay Miller

Pamela Miller

Kim Montgomery

Karen Moon

Kenda Noble

Cindy O’Donnell

Kathy Owen

Anuschka Pashel

Susan Fox Pinkowitz

Kellie Prall

Jill Rakowski

Kasie Roads

Melinda Robinson

Beth Robischon

Catherine Rollhaus

Meaghan Rubey

Alice Rydberg

Stephanie Seaton

Risa Silverman

Nina Sisk

Kendall Slutzky

Heather Spruell

Beth Toth

Melinda Warner

Laura Whalen

Pam Zachar


And a special thanks to the faculty and their Advisory classes who helped throughout the event!