Parade and popsicles create ‘best day ever’

“I’m hot!” That was the only complaint costumed Colorado Academy Lower School students had as the annual Halloween Parade tradition took place under bluebird skies on a warm October Friday afternoon. Lower School Principal Angie Crabtree, who was transformed into Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, clicked the heels of her ruby slippers together three times and created a magical (and safe) event for masked students. One by one, each class of students marched, ran, and skipped around campus while keeping their social distance. At the end, everyone took a mask break just long enough to enjoy a cooling popsicle treat.

There were witches, princesses, Disney and Star Wars characters, lots of onesies, and even a tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And by the end of the afternoon, as students followed her lead, it was clear that Dorothy really can dance—don’t miss the video!

And also enjoy this video as you skip along with the Halloween 2020 parade. Scroll down to find more photos from the Lower, Middle, and Upper School

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