My favorite holiday greeting

The other day, I received a nice holiday card from a Colorado Academy Fourth Grade student named Sysy. It read:

“Dear Dr. Davis, Thank you for taking care of the school. You are a big help.”

That made my day.

It was much better than the reminder I received from a former trustee and friend after a recent snow day. It read, “You know that no matter what good things you do for the school in terms of hiring great teachers or building amazing buildings, you will probably only be remembered for how you call snow days!” I’ll be happy to be remembered as the guy who was “a big help.”

As we start a new year, I am grateful for so much. CA’s incredible students bring great energy and life to our school, and our faculty and staff are dedicated to serving our students and helping them grow intellectually. We have administrative leaders who think proactively about how we can offer the best education possible. We have a parent community who believes in the promise and reality of what a CA education provides. We have a campus that has been transformed in recent years through the generosity of hundreds of donors. We can see evidence of the support children and families receive by the fact that more than 500 people attended Grandparents Day.

I want to thank every member of this community for being a “big help,” each in their own way. We each play a role in lifting up this school and our children. Please turn off those cell phones, shut down those screens, and enjoy your friends and families!

Welcome to 2020!