A scene from The Salesman

Movie Night with Dr. Jon Vogels: The Salesman

How many times have you watched a movie and still had questions, still pondered the meaning of the plot, the characters, or their motives? If only you could watch movies with a true movie buff, someone whose PhD was written about cinema, and who is, in addition, a playwright and an author. That was the special opportunity three Colorado Alumni alumni took advantage of on an evening this past January.

Ben Hock ’07, Mark Keplinger ’19, and Adam Wiener ’10 joined former Upper School Principal and Colorado Academy’s movie aficionado, Dr. Jon Vogels, to discuss the feature film, The Salesman. Produced in 2016, this Iranian film with English subtitles is a story within a story, as the main characters are actors performing the play Death of a Salesman. Many alumni will remember reading and studying this play while at CA. The Salesman was an Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film.

Though the group was small, the discussion was lively, and all the questions of plot, character, and motive were thoroughly illuminated, thanks to the thoughtful probing of Dr. Vogels. The location, Teheran, influenced all aspects of the film. Perhaps the only question still left insufficiently answered was, “What really happened in the apartment?”