‘Expressions of Awe’ from Senior Mollie Cantor

IMG_2172Wednesday morning started off kind of slow – the girls got to sleep in a little bit! The boys got an earlier start and went to Edinburgh to see the sites. The girls joined later, taking advantage of the late morning.

The train ride into Edinburgh was gorgeous – the landscape is so lush and green! We couldn’t get over how beautiful it is here. While in Edinburgh, we marveled at the history and how much walking we had to do! There were so many stairs and winding walkways. However, a benefit of the trip was that we can now all check off our leg day workouts. The Edinburgh Castle is so amazing and all of us left with a myriad of pictures and expressions of awe.

As we walked around the University of Edinburgh, we drank up the historic atmosphere and were incredulous that this astonishing place could exist in such a vibrant city.

After wandering around, it was finally time for dinner (YAY). The girls all went to Yo Sushi, which had sushi riding around on a conveyer belt for costumers to pick up and some delicious noodles. With full tummies, we left for the rugby game! Walking into the rugby area was an experience; the teams’ warm ups were like nothing we had ever seen before. We took our places among the crowd and began to cheer for Hutchie.

None of us had any idea what was going on, but we were all entertained nonetheless. Sadly, we lost the game. We walked back to the train with heavy hearts, but were soon reenergized by the friendly and boisterous group of kids that we were with.

All in all, we are having a blast! Good food and good friends have made for a great start to our trip. Cheers!