Canada: Middle School Quebec Interim, Off to a Tasty Start

We began the journey in Quebec by ordering our breakfast using our French language skills. We enjoyed eggs, crepes, French toast, waffles, orange juice and hot chocolate. We learned that the Quebecois use caramel like jelly on toast! The maple syrup was also excellent.

After breakfast, we took the public bus to the Old City of Quebec—to explore the oldest city in North America.  Our tour guide Nadia spoke to us all in French – no English! We stood on the cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence and learned that the name of Quebec was coined by the Algonquin as the “most narrow point in the river.”  The word “Canada” is alsoMiddle School quebec interim-colorado academy indigenous and means “village” in Iroquois.

Our walking tour lasted over two hours in the rain, but, as our tour guide exclaimed, we were “courageous” and had “excellent attention.”  We warmed up in a boulangerie, or a French bakery, where an accordion player serenaded us while we ate baguette sandwiches, hot soup and macaroons.  After lunch, we explored the old city on our own for an hour and then headed back to the hotel.  The group bonded swimming in the hotel pool by playing Marco Polo.  Now it’s off to dinner for some poutine, which are Quebecois French fries with gravy!