David Jones ’09

Meet David Jones ’09, Associate Director of College Counseling

When you return to the Froelicher Upper School this fall, you’ll notice some changes up here on the second floor in the College Office suite. We’ve expanded in more ways than one! Our central space is now a type of classroom, where Juniors will meet in the spring and Seniors will meet in the fall, as we support all students through various stages of the college search and application process.

As well, we’ve welcomed an additional full-time college counselor, 2009 Colorado Academy alum David Jones. David joins us from The Wildwood School in Los Angeles, where he worked as an Assistant Director in College Counseling. At Wildwood, David organized meetings and classes for students, directed programming for first-generation college students, and even coached middle school basketball as well as the school’s eSports team. Prior to Wildwood, David was an Assistant Director in the Admissions Office at the University of Southern California, where he recruited throughout the country and provided counseling for first-year and transfer students, as well as multicultural students. Prior to USC, David worked at his alma mater, Knox College, as an Admissions Counselor and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach.

Read on to learn more about David and his journey home to CA!

What drew you back to CA?

Now that I have been on this side of the desk, I realize the considerable impression my college counselor had on my family and me when we were navigating the college process. So I felt it was only natural to come back home to continue to learn from CA’s College Office while helping the next generation of Mustangs!

What advice do you have for high school students and parents about the college search process?

Forget the brand names, listen to your gut, and be yourself! I encourage students to think about the college fit more than anything. Many students and families are looking for the best way to stand out in the application process. While a standard answer in the college landscape depends on the school, most colleges encourage students to be their authentic selves. That is one of the best ways to stand out.

Why did you become a college counselor?

As a student at CA, I wrote in my Junior questionnaire that I wanted to be a counselor/therapist. While my time on the college admission side was fruitful, I always wanted to connect with students and their families. College counseling gave me the opportunity to work with families before the application process. I love educating families about the admission and financial aid landscape and seeing students leverage that information to find their ideal fit!

What are some of your favorite spots in the Denver area?

I am a big Denver sports fan. I virtually live in one of three places: the golf course, Coors Field, or Ball Arena to cheer on my favorite sports team, the Denver Nuggets. Other than that, you can find me at some of Denver’s best food spots stealing recipes to practice in my home kitchen.

Can you share some of your favorite CA memories?

What I remember the most about my time at CA is the strong relationships and friendships I cultivated in four short years. Back when I was a student, you could always find me with my friends singing in the parking lot as we waited for choir practice to start, getting a sweat in during lunch at our weekly DDR club, or staying late to study before a basketball game. Some of my favorite experiences as a student occurred right here on this campus in the most casual circumstances. The campus has changed a lot since I graduated, but the community of lifelong learners and friends has stayed the same. Growing up, I used to carpool with two CA alums, my best friends, and we would do everything together. I am proud to say that nothing has changed 13 years later, as they’re still my best friends today!