Maia Parish ’92: Virtual Wine Tasting returns

“Wine and friends are a great blend.” – Ernest Hemingway

Colorado Academy friends gathered around their computers and iPads on a blustery March evening to sip wine, laugh, and learn at a virtual wine tasting with sommelier Maia Parish ’92. This was a repeat performance for Maia, who this year curated three wines, a 2020 Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a 2016 Nicolas Barreyre Bordeaux Supérieur from France, and a sparkling rosé, Vin Mousseux JP Chanet, also from France.

To accompany the wine, Maia prepared small bites to highlight each one and further enhance the flavor experience. Whether you tasted gooseberry or lemongrass, dark cherry or coffee bean, all the wines were delicious and perfect to enjoy, whether with your spouse, family, or friends. Maia shared her wealth of knowledge with alumni, from how to chill wine quickly to handy tools to enhance wine drinking and storage.

Virtual attendees included: Elsa ’11 and Joe Harberg; Nicole Sisk Weichecki ’01, baby Ella, and mom Karen Sisk; Ben ’07, Andrea, and Lily Hock; Taylor Rabb ’13, Regan Beall ’13, and Caroline Nichols ’13; Andrew ’92 and Stephanie Seaton; Jessie Chrismer ’00 and her dad Denny; Caroline Cramer ’11 with her partner, Amy Palmerton, and dear friends, Tessa & Stephen Munson; Austin Carpenter ’05 with his girlfriend Monica, Carter Timbel ’07,  and Kyle ’07 and Laura Rajaniemi; Liz Robinson ’01 with her daughter Madeleine; Alli Stamper Perkins ’95, Dani Weily Coplen ’93, Liz Buckingham Oertel ’93, and Julia Völkel Emerson ’94; and Sue and Tim Burleigh—all thank Maia for sharing her unique expert opinions!

With good wine and good company, the evening passed by too quickly.