Exploring La Sagrada Familia

Today we ventured out to , one of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in Barcelona. Inside the Basilica, our group had tons of opportunities to captivate the essence and symbolism that the Basilica means to Spain through photography. After our time in the Sagrada Familia, we took Barcelona’s metro to “Las Ramblas”, Spain’s version of our 16th Street mall. After arriving we split up into multiple groups to experience new cuisine of Spain and shop in the many vendor locations. Once we met up as a group we traveled to the central park of Barcelona, where we were free to create our own photo experience. Finally, we went to dinner where again we had more then enough food to last throughout the whole program. At Horiginal, students picked from a wide variety of genuine Spanish food. Tomorrow, our group will be traveling to Bask Country by train and upon arrival we will board upon a new adventure by boat!

Tune in tomorrow to read Elise’s and Finn’s blog! Learn about La Sagrada Familia: