It’s the Fifth Annual Computer Science Festival

If you were one of many children and parents who lined up to attend the Colorado Academy Fifth Annual Computer Science Festival, you may have overheard this phrase more than once throughout the night.

“I can hardly wait for my turn!”

Students bounced around Raether Library from one activity to the next.

  • From dancing Bee-Bots® to Pro-Bots®, which could be programmed to draw pictures
  • From an iRobot, which could be programmed to act as a whiteboard Roomba to Ozobots, which could be programmed with colored markers
  • From Augmented Reality (“Whoa, there’s a coral reef!”) to Virtual Reality (“Yes, let’s go fishing!”)
  • From Sphero balls underfoot to the wildly popular pocket drone overhead
  • From colorful binary bracelets with personal initials built in ASCII code to design-your- own laser-cut stickers
  • From Little Bits electronics and Turing Tumble marble computers to circuits attached to clothespins, creating LED circuit bugs

There was all that and pizza to keep everyone fortified for a night of play and creativity.

The Festival is organized by Upper School Computer Science teacher and Technology Coordinator Kimberly Jans, but she had plenty of help from Technology department members Jennie Kies, Bill Witt, Sean Gallop, Jonathan Ender, and Jared Katzman.

Upper and Middle School Computer Science students were skillful facilitators, available at every station to share their knowledge, or, in the case of Sixth Grader Kate Freeman, chase errant drones around the room and return them safely home. For everyone it was a fun introduction to the world of Computer Science.

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